January 12, 2009

Monday Gross Out Convo

Caroline says: "Your dad and friends" would be a great sitcom title. If it was about your story when you came out of a swimming pool with a condom on your shoulder, it would be "Your dad and shoulder condoms."

Ryan says: Or. . . "Shouldering Your Dad's Burden." Okay, I just threw up a little bit, in my mouth.

Caroline says: I didn't realize it was possible, but you not having any distractions has made you more disgusting.

Ryan says: What's worse, from now on there's a very real possibility I'll equate "ejaculation" with "burden."

Ryan says: "Ejaculation with Burden" would be a great name for a rock band.

Caroline says: And, thanks to you, now I'll equate the little MSN notification sound to some very disgusting thoughts of yours. I have it worse.

Ryan says: Actually, now that I think about it, "Ejaculation with Burden" could be a self-help book, with the narrator named Burden. Together with Burden, you'll learn how to reach ejaculation carefully and efficiently, with no messy clean-up.

Caroline says: Can one of the book chapters please be called "Splort!"?

Ryan says: That would obviously be the last chapter.

Caroline says: Oh, I assumed the final chapter would be called "Burden's Balls: Sometimes Premature Ejaculation Happens. Don't let it get you down."

Ryan says: That's a mouthful. . .

Caroline says: Well, if you swish it around in there for a few minutes, it's easier to swallow.

Ryan says: I'll have to defer to your expertise in this particular instance.

Caroline says: Just so you know, I'm leaving because of the weather, just in case you've e-mailed me anymore disgusting thoughts and haven't heard back from me ... it's not because I'm dry heaving in the bathroom. It's because I'm home.

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