October 24, 2008


I was at an ATM last night, simply minding my own business and withdrawing $60; when suddenly a 6'3", 200 lb., Arabic man attacked me at knife-point. It was bad enough that he took my $60 and gave me two black eyes, but then he asked me who I was voting for, and I said "I'm not sure, but I've heard good things about this George W. Bush fellow," and he became so enraged, he beat me even worse, yanked down my pants, and carved a backwards "B" into my ass.

Graphic photographic proof in the extended entry. . .


Posted by Ryan at October 24, 2008 09:16 AM | TrackBack

Any excuse to get your ass back in the news, eh, Ryan? Yeah, I laughed out loud.

Posted by: Erik at October 24, 2008 10:05 AM

Damn, Ryan...sometimes...LOL!

Posted by: Swiftee at October 28, 2008 06:07 PM
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