October 23, 2008

Burning Down the "House"

Caroline says: I just realized ... did you know Omar Epps' character is named Dr. Eric Foreman?

Ryan says: That 70s House!

Caroline says: Word

Ryan says: Do you get the feeling the writers are being unnecessarily difficult on "13?"

Caroline says: Nah

Caroline says: They killed Amber, so it could've been worse.

Ryan says: Okay, me stupid. Me not know who Amber is.

Caroline says: Oh, boy. That was from last season.

Ryan says: Hey, I'm still kind of a House virgin. Be nice.

Caroline says: I'm nice. I feel bad I spoiled it by telling you they killed her.

Ryan says: Wait, was Amber Wilson's girlfriend or something?

Caroline says: Yes.

Ryan says: Nah, I guess I picked up on that during the latest episode.

Ryan says: Do you remember that episode where Amber waves to Wilson in the cornfield?

Ryan says: It was titled "Amber Waves At Grain."

Caroline says: Of thee House sings

Ryan says: LOL!

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