October 23, 2008


During jiu-jitsu class last night, we were doing judo throws during warm-ups. A new guy showed up for class, and I was paired up with him to give him some pointers and such.

When it came time for the new guy to perform throws on me, he seemed to be doing just fine. . . until about the fourth throw, at which point I felt him hoist me up on his hip, and then there was this sickening popping sound, and then it just seemed like he disappeared from beneath me; all previous hip support just instantly melted away and I just kind of fell to the mat, while the new guy rolled away, clutching his knee and groaning.

Apparently, he's had some ACL tear issues in the past, with no real medical attention to rectify the problem. Honestly, if you've had a history of ACL problems, you probably shouldn't be attempting to balance an additional 175 pounds on a compromised knee.

He did eventually walk out of the gym, but holy hell that pop sounded nasty. I'm still shuddering today, thinking about it.

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