July 18, 2005

Introducing, the Rhodes Reader

Ryan says: http://jobsearch.monster.com/getjob.asp?JobID=32054407&WT.mc_n=MKT000125

Caroline says: WHat's Utne?

Ryan says: Pretty much a general interest magazine.

Ryan says: http://www.utne.com/

Caroline says: It's a guy's last name!

Ryan says: Executive editor doesn't sound like my thing, but I thought you'd be interested.

Caroline says: Rhodes Reader---the possibilities are endless.

Caroline says: Thanks for passing that along. I'm going to apply.

Ryan says: Rhodes Reader sounds like some sort of reading aid for slow learners.

Caroline says: Well, there's your angle.

Ryan says: "My son, Timmy, couldn't keep up with the rest of his first grade class, but Rhodes Reader helped him catch up with the slowest fifth percent. Thanks Rhodes Reader!"


Caroline says: do you happen to have a Sept. MF folio?

Ryan says: It's back under construction due to the Buyer's Guide. Why?

Caroline says: I'll just need one eventually

Caroline says: whenever they have a final one

Ryan says: I'll be sure to update you once Jonathan gets it figured out.

Caroline says: awesome

Caroline says: I can't friggin' wait.

Ryan says: Don't be so negative.

Caroline says: That's not negative.

Caroline says: I mean it.

Caroline says: I can't friggin' wait.

Caroline says: yaaaay, folio

Ryan says: You'll be gettin' friggy with it?

Caroline says: na na na na na na na

Caroline says: ree roo ree roo

Ryan says: Ree roo. . . nevermind.

Caroline says: Gotcha

Ryan says: It all comes back to ree roo.

Caroline says: There's a Chapter Ree Roo in the Rhodes Reader.

Caroline says: subhead: Cats that don't answer

Ryan says: The Rhodes Reader is one of the most confusing books in the world.

Caroline says: In fact, you need a Rhodes Reader to decipher most of what's in the Rhodes Reader.

Ryan says: You can actually feel yourself getting dumber while reading the Rhodes Reader.

Caroline says: So dumb you start drinking beer and playing trivia.

Caroline says: Then we have a magazine for YOU!

Ryan says: Yeah, in order to understand Beer -N- Trivia Monthly, you must first read the Rhodes Reader, and before that you have to read the Rhodes Reader's Guide to the Rhodes Reader.

Ryan says: It's a fucking gold mine for me.

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