July 18, 2005

Work Stinks

Ryan says: I just let the hottest, most sour-smelling fart I think I've ever released.

Caroline says: What will Neil do?

Ryan says: I had to break out the black marker and start scribbling to try and mask the odor from Neil.

Caroline says: Niiice

Ryan says: Sweet Lord, it was so powerful, it felt like it actually had sides.

Caroline says: heeeeeeeeeee

Caroline says: That is disgusting.

Ryan says: Unreal, even by my standards.

Caroline says: Wow, that's bad.

Caroline says: What did you eat?

Ryan says: I think it was the leftover India Garden food from last night.

Caroline says: that'll do it

Ryan says: It had a certain Chicken Korma tinge to it.

Caroline says: chicken korma, incoming!

Ryan says: Bad Korma Karma.

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