April 05, 2002

Okay, let's see. I have

Okay, let's see. I have my watch on today, so that's good. However, for the second straight day, the cap on my Diet Pepsi refuses to dislodge itself. Now, I simply can't be this much of a wimp. Did the Pepsi company all of a sudden decide that, in the post-Sept. 11 world, they have to increase the security of their 20 oz. quenchers? Open damn you, open!!! I had to use my teeth, but at least I now have accesss to my beloved caffeine. My officemate discovered yesterday that, if you read my blog out loud with a British accent, I sound pretentious as hell. Anyway. . . I had one of those phone calls at work yesterday where you just KNOW you're in for a bad time. A gentleman was most displeased with me because a press release he provided me with in January had not yet appeared in our magazine. He was from Texas, and he was, to borrow from Texas lingo, more riled than a posse of drunken Enron executives. I have no idea what that means. Suffice it to say, this man was mad, and he was mad in a thick southern accent which only made things worse. I tried explaining things to him calmly and rationally, but that only irritated him even more. I kept imagining some dusty Texas man wearing a cowboy hat, driving his beat up pickup truck, talking on a cell phone, with a collection of shotguns strapped to the back window, and his trusty dog, Duke, perched obediently on the passenger seat. After yelling at me for 10 minutes, I kindly told him to take up matters with my managing editor and that I took full responsibility for his firey rage. He hung up on me. My managing editor, bless her, managed to talk the enraged man down. I didn't get in trouble for the whole incident, but I'm sure I won't be awarded any sort of medal either. I've been playing the original Command and Conquer lately, the one with the glitch that allows you to build sandbags right into the enemy base and block them from coming out. Then I sit back and build my base and army without fear of being attacked. I love exploiting glitches and cheats like that. I wish there were glitches and cheats in real life. Your alarm clock goes off, but if you press the "snooze" "minute" and "hour" buttons in unison, you're given five more hours of sleep. Speaking of which, for the four or five of you who actually read this (Mark, Jen, Tina, and Paige, you know who you are), don't forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend. We may be buried in snow, but at least we're getting another full hour of sunlight each day to complain about it. Whoops, I didn't do my usual morning check on headlines. Oh well, I'll blog about that later in the day I'm sure. Let's get this Friday started!! Man I wish I were still in bed.

Posted by Ryan at April 5, 2002 09:34 AM
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