April 07, 2002

The end of another weekend.

The end of another weekend. I'd like to say I accomplished great things, but I didn't, unless you consider sleeping until noon or later accomplishing something great. I also washed my car. Yes sir, it was a pretty big day. I'm watching The American President for possibly the 23rd time. I can't help it. It's like some sort of cinematic drug. Of course, I can't get enough of the The West Wing either. Must be an indication that I'm going to be president some day. I guess I have to start waking up before noon on weekends then. Crap. I think I received my tax return. It was wired into my checking account. It was sort of anticlimactic. I must now watch the Simpsons. Yep. Once I'm president, the state of the union address will consist entirely of Homer Simpson sound bites. I can't wait.

Posted by Ryan at April 7, 2002 07:02 PM
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