April 08, 2002

Um, okay, I just had

Um, okay, I just had one of those revelations that will undoubtedly change my world outlook. Apparently, kitty litter is "mined." I did not know this. I'm not sure what I thought cat litter actually was, but I guess I assumed it was some sort of synthetic substance specifically engineered to make cat waste clump up and hide odors. It simply did not occur to me that such a substance could occur naturally. Myself, I would have a tough time admitting that I'm a kitty litter miner. Now, gold mining, that's different: the rugged look of a bedraggled gold miner hidden behind a thick beard, his eyes worn by countless dashed hopes; that's mining. Somehow, wielding a pick axe in the name of feline freshness just lacks something. Eureka, I have found a rich vein of Fresh Step!!
On a note that hits closer to home, IBM today warned of a sharp downturn in earnings. As an IBM employee who has already been considerably jostled around by IBM during this recession, this news does not bode well. IBM has done everything with the personnel short of asking us to work for free. Layoffs and pay cuts have been an omnipresent specter for months. Now this. Red alert, red alert. Abandon ship. Women and news editors first.
I sometimes wonder if journalists today are just getting too lazy. Granted, I'm a lazy journalist, but I don't really matter. When I visit a Web page looking for news, and a headline reads "Bush says, 'I meant what I said,'" I just don't know what to think. At least when Clinton spoke, he prompted us to delve into deep topics, such as the true meaning of the word "is." But now we have Bush, spewing forth a sentence that sounds remarkably like my mother when she caught me sneaking back downstairs after sending me to my room as a child.

Posted by Ryan at April 8, 2002 11:09 AM
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