May 01, 2002

Having a ball with News

Having a ball with News of the Odd
Sometimes, there's nothing of substance in News of the Odd, and other times I'm greeted with a headline like "Player Banned After Testicle Biting." Such a headline demands that I read further. Apparently, an Australian soccer player became entangled with an opponent and "could not breathe." In a "reflex reaction" he chomped down on the opponent's body, unaware that his teeth had clamped down on scrotum. Usually, my first reaction when I can't breath is to signal for help rather than biting the nearest nut sac, but to each his own I guess. "It was a split-second decision," said the strong-jawed Aussie. The biting victim suffered a perforated scrotum (excuse me while I flinch in absolute pain at the thought) and lost some blood, in addition to requiring a tetanus shot. The aspiring scrotum vampire is to undergo counseling before resuming playing.
I've taken more than a few shots to the groin area during my life. Truth be told, one of the most feared games of the elementary schoolyard was a demented exercise known as "Pecker Tag." I hated that game. Through high school sports, however, including football and wrestling, I never met an opponent who eyed my jewels and deigned to chomp them. Rest assured, however, if it had happened, and I was able to free myself from the evil-doer responsible for the deed, the audience would have been witness to the biggest ass kicking in high school sports history. They could have expelled me for all I would have cared. There's simply no place in this world for random scrotum biting. That's just wrong.

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Posted by Ryan at May 1, 2002 11:51 AM
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