April 30, 2002

Dreams and Diversions

Dreams and Diversions
Let's talk about nightmares. More specifically, let's talk about my nightmares. Last night, I was beset with nightmares. However, although they seemed totally frightening as my mind conjured them and flashed the images across my subconscious mind, in retrospect they're more humorous than anything else. So, there I was, being attacked by a miniature skeleton covered in blood. Now, did I stop and ask why I was being attacked by a bloody miniature skeleton? No, of course not. At the time, everything made total and complete sense. "I must escape from this deranged bloody miniature skeleton." My earliest memories of nightmares involved me fleeing downstairs from an unknown sense of dread emanating from somewhere upstairs. Just as I reached the last step, I'd be irresistably drawn, tumbling and screaming, by some sort of evil tractor beam, back up the stairs. I hated those nightmares more than any nightmares I've had since. However, I also remember a nightmare where my name was being called from the bathroom closet. I opened the closet and saw an upside-down green head smiling at me, telling me that it "was my new friend." Trusting toddler that I was, I picked up the head and started to take it downstairs to show mom (she always wanted to meet my friends, particularly decapitated green heads). Suddenly, the head bit down hard on my hand and kept gnawing until it was about to fall off, at which point I woke up, terrified to look in the bathroom closet. Most of my modern nightmares involve stupid stuff like bloody miniature skeletons. Well, I have a meeting to attend. Talk about a nightmare.

Posted by Ryan at April 30, 2002 11:07 AM
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