May 10, 2002

Corporate Priorities In the midst

Corporate Priorities
In the midst of an apparent layoff binge by IBM that will reportedly phase out 10 percent of their workforce over the next month, here I sit with a brand-spanking new computer on my desk. Just a thought: maybe, if IBM saved the money they invested in the new PCs they're plopping on employee desks, they could afford to keep a few more employees. I don't know, maybe that's just crazy thinking. My officemate (Jen, you know who you are) is telling me that it does me no good to sit and worry whether I'll be one of the employees who gets the axe. Here's the deal: I hate job searching, because I hate all the jobs that are out there. Ideally, I want to sit and write my column for hundreds of newspapers nationwide and get paid tons of money to do it. In actuality, my column appears in two weeklies, and the pay is mostly token change that just makes me feel good when the check arrives. In other words, the threat of a layoff just reminds me how tenuous my position in the world really is, and how mediocre I really am. While the Sam Palmisanos of the world lick the boots of stockholders and get paid millions to do it, well-intentioned, hard-working, decent people (like me *ahem*) get tossed out like so much garbage. Granted, I'm yelling at the gathering clouds before the rain even starts, there's no guarantee that my position will be cut, but it still just bothers me. Anyway, enough of this. I'll write something more entertaining later.

Posted by Ryan at May 10, 2002 10:57 AM
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