May 15, 2002

Brain Empty; Insert Thoughts Here;

Brain Empty; Insert Thoughts Here; Unleaded Neural Impulses Only
Well, it's Wednesday, and I have no idea what to write for my weekly newspaper column. My well of ideas is dry, and there are two papers desperately awaiting this week's installment. Okay, truth be told, if I didn't write this week, they'd probably find a 1/4 page ad to fill the gap, so I could afford to take a week off. But, I hate to end my consecutive streak of weekly columns. Perhaps when I go running tonight my mind will unclog and the wheels will begin spinning.

There's this Mitsubishi commercial that I've been admiring for over a month now, perhaps you've seen it. This techno music comes on, a hot girl in a little pink beret leans over to turn up the car stereo, and suddenly she starts spasming all over the passenger seat like she's being jolted by a cattle prod set to rhythm. I don't know why, but I think she is just so damned hot when she starts doing her robot dance routine, I feel as if I have to go out and smoke a cigarette each time I see the commercial (and I don't smoke, so that's saying something). So, I went to my computer this week and downloaded the techno song "Days Go By," but it's just not the same without some girl wearing a pink beret gyrating on my bed. Actually, the pink beret would be optional at that point, but the gyrating would be a MUST.

Well, that was a nice 10 minute work distraction. Time for a teleconference.

Posted by Ryan at May 15, 2002 02:05 PM
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