May 16, 2002

Playing with Writer's Block(s) and

Playing with Writer's Block(s) and Building a Column
I managed to overcome yet another bout of writer's block and put out this week's column. What did I write about? Well, wouldn't you like to know. I don't publish columns online until they've gone to print, and even then I usually don't, because papers pay me, the Web does not. However, truth be told, I'm far more honest on the Web than I am in my column, so you people (all two of you) are getting quite a bargain.

Here's my lip biting dilemma: ever since I graduated from college (May, 1998), during my four month job searching nightmare, I developed a horrible lip biting habit. I started nibbling my lower lip as I perused the newspaper want ads; wondering whether I wanted to work here, whether I'd get a job there, etc. Finally, I got a job at a newspaper about an hour drive away, and it was a great start, despite the tough hours and constricting writing content. As I worked at that paper, I found myself biting my lip as I worked on stories. Now, about four years later (and I still write a column for that paper), I'm biting my lip as I work at IBM, and I really want to stop nibbling. It's not a major thing, but I'd like to rid myself of it nonetheless. Suggestions?

I think Sheryl Crowe is about the hottest thing ever when she sings. She's 40, which is actually 20 with wisdom and honesty. In her case, she has a stellar voice, a brilliant jazz feel, and she can make everyone feel the same age when she sings. Sheryl, if you're listening, I'm listening, and I think you're lovely.

I ran tonight, well, after a 30 minute nap and about 23 minutes of self-chastising to get me going. I credit the run for this week's column idea, and I highly recommend running, and exercising in general, to those of you who have difficulty figuring things out. The blood runs, and so does thinking about other than the "woe is me" category. The "woe is me" stuff keeps you on the couch. Go walk. Go run. Go out. Do Hapkido (or maybe not, that's just me). Do something.

Posted by Ryan at May 16, 2002 12:06 AM
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