May 17, 2002

Random Thinks Here's my question

Random Thinks
Here's my question for the day: What in the heck represented an idea before the light bulb was invented? Nowadays, if you see a picture of someone with a light bulb over their head, you know they've just had an idea. I like to think that, before the light bulb, ideas were represented by a cow. When someone had a big-assed brainstorm, say in 1738, you would immediately know it because of the big cow hovering over their head. People would say, "Charles just had a great idea. He was sitting there, when suddenly a cow came on." Seriously, Rodan's statue "The Thinker" takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that he's actually sitting in the nude pondering a cow. That's right, nude. Totally nude. Nude rocks.

I followed yesterday's horrible Butterfinger experience with an equally horrible McDonald's experience. I haven't eaten McDonald's in about five years and this was a harsh reminder of how bad fast food actually is. Apparently, the fast food chain has eschewed McNuggets in favor of some sort of chicken strips, and I was foolish enough to give them a try. It was like eating shingles dipped in BBQ sauce. Horrible. Just horrible. I guess the fries were okay, although there was enough salt on them to make my heart skip for two hours afterward.

My Cadillac is due for an oil change. I suppose I could do it myself, but that's what Jiffy Lubes are for, right?

Posted by Ryan at May 17, 2002 11:23 AM
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