May 22, 2002

Broadcast Brain Candy For those

Broadcast Brain Candy
For those not familiar with The West Wing and Law and Order, I deeply feel for you. Tonight's season finales were drooling great entertainment. And, although I'm primarily a West Wing fanatic, I have to tip my hat to Law and Order for broadcasting a top notch show about the fears of 9/11. One of my roommates is so paranoid about all the terror warnings, she's talking about locking herself in her room and never coming out. I have to admit, I find it more and more difficult each day to search within myself and find the security and playfulness that are so precious yet were taken for granted during the innocent time prior to that awful day. It's disconcerting to feel as if I'm wearing an invisible target, a target I earned because I live in the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. Whoa. I guess my late night TV is affecting my mood. I apologize for that. I'll play some Jedi Knight on my computer. Nothing jolts me into a better mood than putting an end to Imperial storm trooper scum. As Yoda is fond of saying: "Terrorists suck, yes? Play video games you must." Okay, Yoda never says that, but he should. That would make Yoda sooooo cool.

Posted by Ryan at May 22, 2002 10:22 PM
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