May 25, 2002

Wedding Warrants Sometimes, I genuinely

Wedding Warrants
Sometimes, I genuinely can't understand the mind of an inebriated person. The wedding went off without a hitch. Very nice. The reception, too, went swimmingly. All us groomsmen were on our best behavior despite the vast quantities of alcoholic beverages consumed by all. Then. . . the hotel after the dance, and the fire department, and the cops, and the fire alarm that just wouldn't shut down. Although the details are still somewhat sketchy, two of our wedding party ended up in jail over the whole affair. Apparently, the groomsman who shared my hotel room, and an usher four rooms down decided to grab a fire extinguisher at about 2:30 a.m. At some point, they fired up the extinguisher in the elevator, covering the lift in white powder that got sucked into the ventilation system and set off the fire alarm. Before you knew it, the entire hotel was awake and in the lobby as firefighters and police officers swarmed into the building. Surveillance tapes clearly showed the two culprits in the act of taking the fire extinguisher and, come 6 a.m., there was an officer at the door who took Butch and Sundance away in handcuffs. It cost $2,000 to bail them out, and the hotel is charging them for all the hotel guests who demanded refunds, which could easily add up to another $1,000. There was one bright spot surrounding the whole deal. A German family were wedding guests and they stayed in the same hotel. Their 19 year old daughter was absolutely ecstactic the next day because she had the opportunity to see real American firefighters and police officers. All that for only $3,000. What a bargain.

Posted by Ryan at May 25, 2002 05:35 PM
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