May 27, 2002

Darwinian Golf: Oh, and IBM

Darwinian Golf: Oh, and IBM Too
I know, I know; people don't like hearing about golf unless they are so into the game that they make love to their clubs with top of the line lube on their bed stand. "Hey there, three wood, are you up for a little stroking of the shaft? Good. I thought you'd say that. *lights go out* *wet sloppy golf club sex noises*

But, here goes, you sickos.

I took part in a four man best ball golf tournament today. For those of you that think golf means Tiger Woods bouncing a ball off his club, let me explain. "Four man" means four men on a team, "best ball" means that, of the four players, you all hit the best shot taken by one of your team members. It should be called Charles Darwin golf, but we're left with "best Ball," and who am I to complain? So, anyway, I'm pretty rusty, owing to the fact that I've only golfed three times this year and, well, I suck anyway. And, I'm teamed with three friends who equate golf with hocking a glob of snot on the curb. Well, that's not entirely true. Jim actually cares a little bit when he's accidently having a good game. Anyway, Troy, Jim, Jeremy and myself were having a good round, initially, we even had an eagle, which is just totally cool.

Then, we started, um, what's the word I'm searching for? Ah, yes. Sucking.

We ended up even par for nine holes, which is just piss poor for four man best ball, but the competition was apparently less than stellar. The tournament was divided into flights, which is a polite way of saying three level of suckiness. As luck would have it, we won second place in the second flight (which translates to "boy, you suck, here's pity money"), and we snatched $40 to boot. With the $5 entry fee, that translated to a $5 win for each player on our team. Yay us!!

I'll find out tomorrow if I'm a victim of the latest IBM layoff list. Here's to uncertainty, may she foreover keep life interesting. Sounds a lot like the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times."

But, I live by the proverb "Fall seven times, stand up eight."

Bring it on IBM, I'm ready; and I don't just stand, I kick, and I punch, and I write.

And you're not ready for that.

Posted by Ryan at May 27, 2002 11:48 PM
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