June 21, 2002

Necessity is the Mother of

Necessity is the Mother of Getting One's Ass in Gear

I've allowed my Cadillac to sit without air conditioning for the past month. It needs to be recharged, but I'm fine with driving with the window open, so why bother?

Well, it turns out I've been nominated to drive our editorial team to Minneapolis on Tuesday, so that means I have to scramble and get my car into the shop so my passengers (a.k.a. superiors) don't swelter and die of heat exhaustion. Oh, woe.

I knicked the back of my head as I conducted my usual cranium shaving routine today (it happens about once every two months), so I had to nurse the unseen yet profusely bleeding slit for about half-an-hour before the crimson flow subsided. Such are the hazards of maintaining a gleamingly shaven head.

New items purchased yesterday during a spendy shopping spree: Polo Jeans Khaki Cargo pants. Gap Khaki Cargo pants. New wallet, very cool. Claiborne dress shirt. Three new pairs of boxers, a Bud Light pair, a hot pepper pair, and a pair I can't recall, but they, too, were cool. Two new belts to keep up two new pairs of pants. Two towels. Roberto Amagi dress shirt. Calvin Klein dress shirt. Large expensive bottle of cologne (Ralph Lauren Romance). Ah, it's awesome to be decked out in new duds.

Ladies, you can commence with your drooling.

Posted by Ryan at June 21, 2002 01:40 PM
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