June 20, 2002

Lavakan Madness Okay, over the

Lavakan Madness

Okay, over the past two days, three people have visited my site seeking information about the Lavakan pet washing system. How can that many people be seeking a side loading pet washer? Given the amount of free advertising I've apparently provided to the people over there at Lavakan, I feel it is only fair that I get a percentage of their sales. If you need to know more about the Lavakan, it's somewhere in my archives. Damned if I know where.

Who's Reading This Site? Meet Mandy

Ryan says: You're a paradigm of excellence in an uncertain world. But, you have toilet paper on your shoe, so it all equals out.
Mandy says: no toilet paper on thge shoe, but i did tuck my skirt in my undies once. oh, the horror!
Ryan says: Have you ever noticed that when "underwear" becomes the two syllable "undies" it becomes 10 times as funny?
Mandy says: well, i actually didn't want to say what kind of unerwear so "undies" is all-encompassing
Ryan says: Unerwear? Is that German?
Mandy says: you like funny words, huh? wallow & undies
Ryan says: I also like to wallow in my own undies when possible.
Mandy says: actually, it is from the Typo region of Scandinavia
Ryan says: LOL
Mandy says: Congratulations on still having a job.
Ryan says: Hey, thanks. You too.
Mandy says: i have gotten super stressed over company buyout & all that fun stuff before & it sucks
Mandy says: well, thanks
Ryan says: And what do you do pray tell?
Mandy says: be careful and try not to get too jealous or over excited
Ryan says: Is that part of your job description?
Mandy says: i run a construction office during the building of luxury apartments
Mandy says: my company builds, leases, & manages property
Mandy says: i am also still a student, majoring incorporate communications
Ryan says: Wow! So you're sort of important and stuff.
Mandy says: my job description is to play yahtzee, read blogs, talk on messenger, etc.

Posted by Ryan at June 20, 2002 12:31 PM

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