June 21, 2002

Know When to Zip Up

Know When to Zip Up

So, I decide that, before this weekend starts, I'm going to ask Melanie for her phone number. I pop into her office at 4:50, ask what her weekend plans are, make little jokes, and finally ask for her number, which she gives me. Woo Hoo!! I drive home, I'm feeling good, and I have the whole weekend in front of me.

That's when I realize my zipper has been down for the past hour, maybe more.

Good God, I hope she didn't see that.

Enjoy your weekend all. I require a tall, cold, frosty beer.

A little nude Lanny Barbie should improve my mood. Ahhh, Lanny Barbie. Lanny Barbie is hot. Naked Lanny Barbie.

Posted by Ryan at June 21, 2002 05:23 PM
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