July 18, 2002

Forgive Her, She's Blonde rhodesr@us.ibm.com

Forgive Her, She's Blonde

rhodesr@us.ibm.com You should get roller blades. You could roller blade with me.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And don't forget about the August wedding.
Tall Girl /August 14
Tall Girl ?
Tall Girl that was my parents wedding date
Tall Girl of course, they are divorced
rhodesr@us.ibm.com 17.
Tall Girl oh
Tall Girl well, close enough
Tall Girl I think rollerblading would be cool
Tall Girl you know I had a big accident a while back
rhodesr@us.ibm.com So, go get a pair.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com accident?
Tall Girl I fell down
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And?
Tall Girl slid across the pavement
Tall Girl torn up knees, arms, legs
Tall Girl I was crying
Tall Girl we were in a group
Tall Girl I was screaming
rhodesr@us.ibm.com You're 27 years old, for crying out loud.
Tall Girl take me to the hospital
Tall Girl I was 20 then
Tall Girl I'm not 27 for 7 more days
rhodesr@us.ibm.com You made it sound like the accident happened last week. You dumbass.
Tall Girl well, I got rid of my rollerblades
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Well, buy new ones. Sheesh.
Tall Girl I think I might
Tall Girl would you just be running?
rhodesr@us.ibm.com No, I have a pair of rollerblades.
Tall Girl cool

Posted by Ryan at July 18, 2002 10:40 AM
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