July 24, 2002

Messing With Her Head Tall

Messing With Her Head

Tall Girl I woke up totally crabby today
Tall Girl but, since it's my bday tomorrow... I'm feeling much much better
Tall Girl I was very VERY irritable this AM
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Oooohhhhhhh, Lisa used the word "irritable." Nicely done. You get a gold vocabulary star for the day.
Tall Girl *L*
Tall Girl thanks
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Your next word shall be "discombobulated."
Tall Girl What does that mean?
rhodesr@us.ibm.com All fucked up.
Tall Girl that sounds how I will be WAY later on in the evening tomorrow
Tall Girl you had better be ready to hang all night
Tall Girl Melissa is coming
Tall Girl it's going ot be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
rhodesr@us.ibm.com You're really intent on getting Melissa and me together, aren't you?
Tall Girl no
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Yes you are. Yes you are.
Tall Girl I just really like you both
Tall Girl no
Tall Girl I just think you're both very cool
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Well, you got that right.
Tall Girl P.S. NO SHOTS tomorrow night
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Except for tequila.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And Jack.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And Scotch.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And Vodka.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And Jager.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com And Yukon.
Tall Girl UCK
Tall Girl I already feel a bit ill
Tall Girl just thinking about it
Tall Girl I'm getting my nails done tonight
rhodesr@us.ibm.com I'm going to try to put my discombobulated room back together tonight.
Tall Girl good luck
Tall Girl are you going to be able to hang all night or what?
Tall Girl I don't want you wusing out on me
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Probably not all night, no. But, we'll see.
Tall Girl I will not let you leave
Tall Girl You'll be handcuffed to me
Tall Girl so, unless you want to walk around all night with a girl wearing a crown, I suggest you plan to stay
rhodesr@us.ibm.com You'll never even miss me with all your friends.
Tall Girl did you just read what I typed or did that go over your head?
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Let's see, "handcuffed," "Girl wearing crown." Yeah, I think I saw what you typed. Tim may get a bit cheesed if we're handcuffed together, so I'm not worried.
Tall Girl well, it's my birthday, and NO ONE will be doing anything to defy anything that I want
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Except for hapkido.
Tall Girl so, if you think you're leaving early, and I want to handcuff you, then I will
rhodesr@us.ibm.com I don't know. . . I have another promotion test coming up.
Tall Girl it's my birthday
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Probably won't see you until 8:30 at McMurphy's.
Tall Girl WHAT????????????????
Tall Girl you're not planning to come until like 8:30??????????
Tall Girl WHAT?
rhodesr@us.ibm.com I have an apartment that looks like a fucking bomb went off in it. I'll get there when I get there.
Tall Girl :(
Tall Girl I'm doing the quivering chin thing
rhodesr@us.ibm.com That has never worked on me.
Tall Girl if you end up ditching me on my birthdya
Tall Girl I will not be happy
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Maybe I'll drop by for half an hour or so.
rhodesr@us.ibm.com Of course, something better may come along, so we'll see.

Posted by Ryan at July 24, 2002 04:13 PM
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