July 25, 2002

I Just Don't See the

I Just Don't See the Appeal

Requiem is about four people addicted to drugs. One is
an older widow addicted to diet pills/speed. her
loneliness and comments about why she gets up in the
morning are scary and true and what you hope you can
think and what you never want to think ever.
Her son is a heroin addict. When he visits her it
breaks my heart.
He and his girlfriend and their friend are trying to
get more heroin, obviously.
I can't explain it, Ryan. It's so sexy and dirty and
gross and wrong and fast fast fast it's like being
face to face with the dirt and really liking it if
that makes any sense. i wrote this essay one time in
college about an acid trip and that's what this
reminds me of. it reminds me of that hot oily sweat
you sweat on drugs and the hot oily things you do and
i missed it. god i missed it. it made me clench my
teeth the whole time, the whole movie.
please please watch it.

Posted by Ryan at July 25, 2002 03:30 PM
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