August 07, 2002

A Superior Writer, Well, This

A Superior Writer, Well, This Time

Ryan says: Didja read me blog lately? I see you've been slacking.
Jen says: I read it, yes. I even blogged meself.
Jen says: Slacker
Ryan says: Except for Unwelcome Daydreams.
Jen says: yup.
Ryan says: Hmmmm, sounds like you read mine first, and then wrote yours. Plagiarism perhaps?
Ryan says: Truth be told. . . Caution, a compliment is on the horizon, don your protective goggles: your prose is brilliant.
Jen says: you and Lileks, yes. but I did have flashes of fall while I was working.
Jen says: huh
Jen says: ?
Ryan says: I loved your descriptive writing. Very nice.
Jen says: wow, thank you.
Ryan says: Yeah, note the praise now, because tomorrow we're back to derision.
Jen says: good, I'm more comfortable with that.
Ryan says: I figured as much. Plus, I have a new tooth, so my enlarged ego may prevent me from entering the office. You may have to bring my keyboard, mouse and monitor out into the hall.
Jen says: ha!
Jen says: I will do no such thing.
Jen says: You'll just have to squeeze it through the door somehow.
Ryan says: Mmmmmm, slivered talons of winter. Quite true. I'm envisioning an ice-crusted eagle, rasping at the Prometheus of summer.
Jen says: oooh.
Jen says: that's quite good.
Ryan says: Should you stop blogging, you shall be denying yourself a very valuable writing tool.
Jen says: yeah, it sorta forces me to write.
Ryan says: As you can see, I've jumped into my previous incarnation of a proper speaking 18th century Brit.
Jen says: You were Oscar Wilde in a past life?
Ryan says: Oscar Wilde in a past life, yes. Oscar the Grouch in my present one.
Jen says: *chuckles*
Jen says: nice one.
Ryan says: Hate to admit it, but I'm still chuckling.

Posted by Ryan at August 7, 2002 12:57 AM
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