September 27, 2002

And the Sound Barrier is

And the Sound Barrier is Avocado

Ryan says: I'm jamming to a little Chopin, Bach and Mozart today on Live 365.

Jen says: sweet.

Jen says: I'm jamming to pink noise.

Ryan says: ????

Jen says: that's what they have down here in the "open landscaping". it's like white noise, only softer. it's supposed to mute people's voices a little, so it doesn't sound like you're at a cocktail party.

Jen says: but I still here a general cacophony.

Jen says: hear, even.

Ryan says: Everything is color-coded nowadays. Even sound apparently.

Ryan says: An infant crying because of a soiled diaper is considered "brown."

Jen says: where did you hear that?

Ryan says: From the fanciful world of my warped little mind.

Posted by Ryan at September 27, 2002 02:08 PM
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