September 27, 2002

Lileks is Terrific, But. .

Lileks is Terrific, But. . .

I must preface this entry by saying, I LOVE THE DAILY BLEAT. I don't normally take umbrage with Lileks, primarily out of fear of being mentally squashed like a neural mosquito. The man could screed me into oblivion, but I must proceed.

James Lileks is a major proponent for a war against Iraq, and I don't begrudge him his position. Usually, when I read his justifications for pummeling Saddam, I think, "Yeah, he's right again. Curse his rational mind!"

But, today, I squirmed when I read this: It was possible to type bellicose words about Vietnam from the distance of Minnesota without considering that Charlie would empty a pillowcase of anthrax into the Mall of America ventilation fans. I'd say that's unlikely to happen tomorrow . . . but all of a sudden, everything's possible.

Yes, everything is possible after 9/11. But, at the same time, nothing is possible. We could, possibly, never endure another terrorist attack ever again. Hey, it's possible. If you want to sit and ponder every apocalyptic scenario imaginable, I guess that's your right. There are plenty of Chicken Littles decrying the fall of the sky to make that justification. Myself, I prefer to greet each day and appreciate it for what it is: namely, a terror-free segue into another terror-free segue into another terror-free-segue into. . . well, you get the idea.

What I disliked most about that excerpt is that it implies Iraq has operatives skulking around unseen, pillowcases of anthrax at the ready. He's making the leap that a war against Iraq is a war against those responsible for 9/11. And I still don't buy that. Remember, the bulk of those who hi-jacked the planes on that fateful day were from Saudi Arabia, and nary a one wielded a pillowcase. Iraq does not equal 9/11, or at least a strong enough link hasn't yet been established to make me a believer.

Saddam must go, but don't pull the trigger under the auspices of 9/11. If we do that, there's no telling how many other wars will be waged in the name of anti-terrorism.

Posted by Ryan at September 27, 2002 12:02 PM
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