November 05, 2002

You'll Hate Me, But. .

You'll Hate Me, But. . . Las Ketchup

You'll hear them once, and you'll say, "what the hell is this crap?"

You'll hear them twice, and you'll say, "they're playing this crap again?"

You'll hear them three times, and you'll say, "why are they still playing this?," but you'll notice that your feet are tapping, and you're coming up with your own version of the Macarena.

Come the fourth time, "The Ketchup Song," as it is known, sung by Las Ketchup (three girls, two okay, one cute) will have you wondering why you, a sane person, find this mindless diddy so damn entertaining).

If you know why, please comment. I can't write any more because I'm trying to come up with my own dance.

Posted by Ryan at November 5, 2002 12:40 AM
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