April 04, 2003

I Need To Unplug Okay,

I Need To Unplug

Okay, I'm way too informed for my own good. The Internet has officially taken over my mind. I got this week's Time magazine a couple days ago, and I already knew everything in it. I mean, one of their stories talked about Salam Pax as if his blog is some sort of new phenomenon or something. I'm too informed. I need to take this weekend to sequester myself away from the Internet. No Internet for me. I must resist.

UPDATE: Except for porn. Porn surfing is fine.

UPDATE: It's also okay if I surf for things like THIS, just so I can laugh my ass literally off.

UPDATE: And if I hadn't read this before starting my weekend away from the Internet, I wouldn't be the better man I am at this moment.

Posted by Ryan at April 4, 2003 02:10 PM
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