May 22, 2003

My Own Limerick Contest Inspired

My Own Limerick Contest

Inspired by contests over at A Small Victory, I'm conducting my own limerick contest, even though I'm sure only myself and me will take part. Anyway, the theme for this contest is the recent news story about Michael Jackson checking into a hospital with an unknown illness. Shall we begin? Winner gets the scab off my elbow scrape.

Michael Jackson is a pop star of old
It's been ages since his records went gold
When he realized this streak
He felt incredibly weak
He's just sick that his career has gone cold

It's not my intention to be a big prick
But Michael Jackson's face just makes me say "ick."
They're not sure why he fell ill
And perhaps never will
But there's no doubting that the man is just sick

Posted by Ryan at May 22, 2003 05:01 PM
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