August 20, 2003

You Lousy Worm

According to Norton anti-virus, even after a LiveUpdate, my work PC is not infected by the SoBig virus, but you'd never believe that if you were to look in my Lotus Notes inbox. When I came into work this morning, there were 65 variantions on the worm theme awaiting me.

First and foremost, I'm receiving the virus, which is to say poor unsuspecting souls who very stupidly executed the virus on their machines have unwittingly become virus e-mailers simply by virtue of how the lousy worm propogates itself. Sometimes, the virus comes through intact as an attachment. Other times, the virus is removed by virus blocking this or that, resulting in an empty shell of an e-mail.

There are, however, unnerving indications that my system may be infected, even though I never, as far as I remember, executed the virus. Apparently, my e-mail address here at work has been busily sending out the virus. This I don't understand. All indications show that my computer is not infected, yet I'm getting bounced back e-mails from recipients who are refusing to open my e-mail because it contains a virus. I did not send e-mail to these people, and most times I have no idea who the fuck they are. But there, plain as day, in the old "sender" information header, is my work e-mail address. How the hell is that possible?

To all you virus and worm authors out there, just let me offer up a heartfelt "fuck YOU!." I mean it. Really.

Posted by Ryan at August 20, 2003 09:57 AM
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