August 19, 2003

August Drought

We're officially enduring a drought here. There are many indications that we're in the midst of a drought, with the most obvious being a conspicious lack of rain for over a month. Another indication is the dry, brown grass overtaking every lawn that lacks a diligent owner spritzing water on it every night.

Over the weekend, I actually saw a farmer inspecting dirt in his field, rolling the dusty dryness back and forth between his hands and letting it dribble through his fingers, as if by massaging the dirt, he could somehow bring it back to life. The fields still look good, overflowing with tall stands of corn and bushy beans, but there's an ominous feel in the baking air that says if we don't get some sort of relief rain soon, autumn will be a bleak one for farmers.

It's not all bad, though. While golfing with my father Sunday afternoon, I hit the longest drive of my life, thanks primarily to the ground that may just as well be concrete. I hit the ball well enough to begin with, but then it just rolled, and rolled, and bounced, and rolled. It was amazing. The hole was 375 yards long, and I was about 10 yards off the green when the ball finally stopped rolling. I'll never hit a ball that far again. Thank you, drought. Thank you.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a new officemate. After a year of having my office all to myself, I'm kinda bummed to have to share again, particularly with a woman who blows her nose as frequently as this one does. She sounds like a whale coming to the surface to breathe. Other than that, she seems nice, though she a tad too chatty right now. We shall see.

On another unrelated note, my girlfriend left this morning for a week in Kentucky. A full week without sex. Whatever will I do? This will be my own, personal August drought.

Posted by Ryan at August 19, 2003 10:11 AM
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