February 05, 2004

Crazy Conversations

Caroline says: If I had a cat, I'd name it mellow.

Caroline says: and maybe if I got another cat, I'd name it marsh

Ryan says: Very witty.

Caroline says: I feel witty, oh so witty...

Ryan says: Just like if I had a dog, I want a dingo, and I'd name it Bingo.

Caroline says: the dingo ate my baby

Ryan says: Owning a dingo named Bingo would be the coolest thing ever.

Caroline says: and Bingo was his nameoooo

Ryan says: And then I train Bingo to attack both Marsh AND Mellow.

Caroline says: Marsh and Mellow could kick Bingo's dingo-butt.

Ryan says: Dingo-Butt?

Caroline says: band?

Ryan says: Is that a cousin to Boba Fett?

Caroline says: Yes.

Caroline says: identical cousins

Caroline says: they look alike, and walk alike and sometimes even talk alike

Ryan says: And ride a bike, and take a hike, and take turns inserting anal spikes.

Caroline says: ew, what kind of cousins would do that?

Caroline says: kissing ones?

Ryan says: Close cousins.

Caroline says: very very close

Posted by Ryan at February 5, 2004 02:29 PM
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