May 17, 2009

Because I Have a Blog, and I Can

Okay, so, a little background:

The "Minnesota Independent," formerly the "Minnesota Monitor," is a hodge-podge almalgamation of blissful idiots who happen to be able to write somewhat coherently and have an idea of "journalism" as an anointed calling that's not unlike a pseudo-priesthood for people with an opinion who can sort of put their ideas, however retarded those ideas may be, into written form.

It's also a repository for people who used to have actual writing gigs, or people who aspire to have writing gigs, who have to serve time at a sham writing gig until something better comes along. The Independent is basically a writer's purgatory where the writers justify their shoddy craft by defining "journalism" into whatever mallable form makes them feel important.

Anyway, the Independent won an award for "Best independent news blog — Independent Web site."

Forgetting for a moment that the "Independent" is about as independent as a 22-year-old college grad living in their parents' basement, it should be noted:

The Independent is absolutely shameless about using photos without attribution. In other words, the Independent tramples on copyright law like a moose trampling a man. Here's actual footage of the Independent violating copyright law:

So, yeah, if the Minnesota Independent deserves an award, my blog deserves at least 20.

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