May 07, 2009

Boxer Shorts of Powder

Ryan says: I Tweeted and FB'd this, but it strikes me as really funny: "You know you haven't worn a pair of boxers in a LONG time when you go to put them on and the elastic band turns to powder when stretched."

Caroline says: Powdown'd!

Ryan says: Happened to me this morning, and I about died laughing.

Ryan says: Laughing to the point of death over powdered boxer shorts is probably a good sign that you officially have no life.

Caroline says: That and Tweeting about it.

Ryan says: Hey now, that's below the belt.

Caroline says: Below the powdered belt.

Ryan says: Those who do not Tweet are not allowed to criticize those who do.

Caroline says: Au contraire. That's EXACTLY what we're allowed to do.

Ryan says: "Below the Powdered Belt" sounds like a Dr. Suess book.

Caroline says: Go ahead

Ryan says:
Beware, if you should suffer from an irritating welt,
Should one perchance happen to appear below the powdered belt.

Caroline says: There it is.

Ryan says: Geo'owned!

Ryan says:
If the welt is severe enough, that it can even be smelt,
There is much that you should fear, below the powdered belt.

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