July 18, 2003

And Now, I'm Off To Colorado

I shall be off the blogging circuit (well, most likely, unless I can find an online computer), until Wednesday next week, or possibly Thursday, because I'll be doing Colorado-related things in Colorado. What kind of things? I'm not sure. But, tentatively scheduled are:

Golfing: I golf, and there are golf courses in Colorado, so there will likely be golfing.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: This will be a first for me. I have never before willingly crawled into a basket and allowed a billowy bubble of fabric filled with hot air to elevate me to suicidal heights. So, it should be interesting. Incidentally, should you find yourself in the mountains of Colorado next week, and you see a hot air balloon overhead, get out of the way, lest you be showered in a spray of Ryan Rhodes vomit.

Metal Detecting: I have a metal detector, and there are old building sites all over the place just screaming to be explored. If you don't hear from me in a couple of weeks, it's because I found a cache of gold coins hidden underneath a dilapidated outhouse. Either that, or I fell to my death from a hot air balloon basket.

White Water Rafting: Not for sure. I did this once before and found it to be much like canoeing, except with a raft filled with yuppies who didn't know a paddle from a tree trunk. These people got scared every time the raft shifted even a little. You can about imagine how they reacted when we actually encountered rapids and were forced to paddle. I think my father and I did all the paddling for 10 people. Morons.

Sleeping: I'm a big fan of this, and since I'll be on vacation, I intend to indulge in copious amounts of it.

Eating: When I'm not sleeping, I plan on eating.

Running: I will exercise caution here, because the last time I ran in the moutains, I did not take into account the conspicuous lack of oxygen present at 12,000 feet. I got lightheaded, hallucinated that there were leprechauns in the ditch, and then toppled ass over teakettle into the ditch, gasping for air and feeling monumentally ill. I won't make the same mistake this time. I shall take things easy.

Take care all, and I'll see you next week.

UPDATE: Just running an experiment here to see how many hits I can garner by writing the name Katelyn Faber several times, alongside Kobe's accuser and Kobe's victim. Sooooooo. Katelyn Faber, Katelyn Faber, Katelyn Faber, Katelyn Faber, Katelyn Faber, Katelyn Faber, Katelyn Faber, Kobe's accuser, Kobe's accuser, Kobe's accuser, Kobe's accuser, Kobe's accuser, Kobe's victim, Kobe's victim, Kobe's victim, Kobe's victim, Kobe's victim, Kobe's victim.


Aw, that's just mean. Go here for pictures of Kobe's accuser, Kobe's victim, Katelyn Faber.

Posted by Ryan at July 18, 2003 03:55 PM
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