July 27, 2013

Smoking Hot Boxer


From the Sept. 16, 1939 "Saturday Evening Post." Back when smoking was so ubiquitous, even boxing events were packed with puffers. "Says Joe Williams, Famous Sports Expert." Not sure why that distinction qualifies him to opine about a longer, milder, cooler, mellower smoke, but he seems pretty sure of himself. The boxer in the corner is either interested in the smoking going on behind him, or he's slightly weirded out by the creepy massage guy wearing a turtle neck in a boxing ring, while a young Johnny Carson talks strategy. "And more puffs per pack," which was important back then, in addition to CAMELS HELD THEIR ASH FAR LONGER. No filters on these lung spikes; ring announcers hocked up viscous blorbs of lung butter between rounds, which was the definition of "contentment."

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