March 21, 2012

Short, Sweet and Hellbound

Ryan: I'm going to hell, in case you didn't know already.

Caroline: That was solidified a looooooooooong time ago

Ryan: I just saw a guy drive by in a pickup, and he was missing his left arm at the elbow, but he had his arm stump propped up on the open window, and I was laughing as I thought he should be careful or he'll get "farmer's stump tan."


And the stump, it was propped. Oh, yes, propped the stump was.
Why was it propped? The stump was propped, just because.

When properly propped, a propped stump looks quite proper.
When improperly propped, a propped stump's a jaw dropper.

With a dropped jaw and propped stump, people just stop and stare.
Propped stumps and dropped jaws, just aren't seen everywhere.

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