March 09, 2012

A slut tutorial

When it's funny:

When it's in "twat" form:

When it's acceptable:

When it's cause for national debate:

Good Lord. Have we really gotten this thin-skinned? Name calling is prohibited?

We're all sluts to political correctness, apparently.

In my lifetime, I've been called everything and anything, and that just covers elementary school. Where's my overdue consoling call from the President?

PS: I didn't post video of Louis CK calling Sarah Palin a C-word, because that's apparently the female equivalent of the N-word. Besides, I generally think Louis CK is extremely funny.

PSS: You ever notice there's no word for white males that's considered too derogatory, even though being a white male is increasingly becoming the worst thing in the world? You know, next to RICH white men.

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