August 26, 2011

Lay off my blue Swede shoes

Caroline: There's nothing worse than an incredulous Swede.

Ryan: Incredulous Swede is going to be the villain in the 7th book we'll never write.

Caroline: I.S. Skulks

Ryan: Skulking Swede is a mixed drink we have to invent.

Caroline: Best served on the rocks.

Ryan: In a Skulking Swede, ice cubes are referred to as Fjords.

Caroline: I wonder if Jim Henson imagined that one day, two Geodes would be discussing a fictional mixed drink called the Skulking Swede and the first image one of the Geodes got in her head was a drunk Swedish Chef from The Muppets

Ryan: The Swedish Chef mixing a Skulking Swede would make an excellent Sesame Street skit.

Caroline: is he drunk? Or just Swedish?

Ryan: Game show!!!!!!! It's time to play. . . "Drunk or Swedish!"

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