April 09, 2011

You Must be Kidding Me

It seems backwards, but the healthier and stronger Zoey becomes, the bigger the strain becomes on the domestic front.

As Zoey continues her transition to breastfeeding, my wife has to spend more and more time at the hospital so she's there when Zoey is most amenable to the breastfeeding challenge. So, I'm at home most of the day with our 18-month-old. This obviously leads to guilt for my wife and myself: she feels bad for not seeing much of our boy, and I feel bad for not seeing much of our girl. Unfortunately, there's really no way around this current reality, so we just have to push through.

But, also, there just isn't enough time in the day to get things done that need to be done.

We need to get out grocery shopping, or we'll find ourselves in the position of actually envying Old Mother Hubbard's situation. Alternatively, I suppose we can try to figure out some way to make soup using kitty litter.

We also have to prepare Zoey's nursery, lest we finally get her home and have to house her in the kitchen, which will be the only room in our home with adequate empty storage space for her diapers, wipes and clothes. People would come to see Zoey and marvel at all the Huggies in the cupboard where we used to store cereal.

On the plus side, my wife managed to sell her VW Jetta and, yesterday, she bought a Chrysler Town and Country mini-van as a replacement vehicle, and it looks like it will be an excellent way to transport our family.

On the negative side, I just now received a call from my wife informing me her dad just smashed my car into some wooden landscaping ties in our yard. My wife wouldn't elaborate on the damage; she just told me not to overreact when I see it.

So. . . yeah.

Posted by Ryan at April 9, 2011 04:27 PM | TrackBack

Hey, wasn't sure how else to get a hold of you....the girls and I thought maybe we could get the nursery pulled together for you all....thought maybe we could make it a surprise for melissa if she has everything picked out and it just needs to get put up..what do you think?
E-mail me back when you get a chance!

Posted by: Krista at April 10, 2011 09:14 AM
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