March 18, 2011

And two steps back

As I mentioned previously, Zoey underwent an alternative ROP treatment Wednesday morning, during which her eyes were injected with an antibody called Avastin (it has a medical name, but damned if I can pronounce it), which basically inhibits the growth of capillaries in the eyes to prevent them from growing out of control and causing damage such as detached retinas.

The procedure went well enough, but Zoey has been slow to recover from anethesia, so she's been back on a ventilator the last couple days and she's been resistant to attempts to bring her back up entirely--including using Tylenol, oddly enough. Until she's recovered enough to remember to breathe on her own, she'll remain on the vent, which really sucks because it feels like we're back to square one all over again when I see her. That ventilator does not bring back pleasant memories.

Also, feedings have been suspended until she recovers, so obviously that inhibits her ability to continue putting on ounces. It's all just another in a long list of setbacks we were warned about but hate to experience nevertheless.

Zoey was only the second preemie to undergo this innovative treatment at this particular medical establishment, which is both weirdly unnerving but hopeful.

One more month, and she'll be home.


Posted by Ryan at March 18, 2011 11:34 AM | TrackBack

We continue to keep you and Zoey and your family in our prayers. Hang in there. Seems, as Rosanne Rossanadana used to say, "It's just a one-a thing after anotha!"

Posted by: Alex at March 19, 2011 11:08 PM
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