April 15, 2010

Stop Ruining The Internet For Everyone

Sometimes, you really have to question the current state of the Internet. Remember when blog comment engines used to be fun and entertaining places to joke and zing each other, and people were generally familiar with who the other commenters were?

Then news organizations finally jumped into the fray, tacking comment engines to their news articles, and the Internet has sucked ever since. Disclosure: I sometimes leave comments on news articles, so I'm admittedly part of the problem.

But, honestly, I read a news article today about a meteor fireball that lit up the skies over Iowa and Wisconsin last night, and yet the comment thread that followed actually devolved into a political flamewar. I mean, what the hell, man?

Seriously, if you really find yourself in a comment thread attached to a story about a meteor fireball, and you feel compelled to write a missive about Democrat overreach or Republican stonewalling:


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