August 21, 2009

True Journalists

Caroline: 2,110 words. PHEW

Ryan: I knew you had it in you. We journalists can always dig deep when we need to.

Caroline: Sometimes we have to make stuff up

Ryan: Well sure, but we're okay with that. That's what makes us true journalists.

Caroline: We have that certain "meh" factor.

Ryan: When we sit down to write, we're determined to present the truth. Except when we're not.

Caroline: We present truth-esque statements.

Ryan: No direct quote is beyond our mangling. No data is beyond our ability to misrepresent.

Caroline: You misrepresentin'?

Ryan: YEAH I DO! I could easily sit down right now and write an article about how popular and successful the "Cash for Clunkers" program was. By the time I'm finished, you'd think it was the most well-thought-out and expertly-managed government program ever conceived.

Caroline: Didn't someone from already do that?

Ryan: Rather than a $3 billion financial black hole of incompentence.

Caroline: Well, had they named the bill that I doubt it would've passed. I could be wrong.

Ryan: is staffed with only the best journalists, like us.

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