June 29, 2009

The Freshmaker

Ryan: Internet ads have become even more annoying than the pop-up era.

Caroline: yeah, I hate the ones that take over the screen


Caroline: I get so PISSED. F U, weather.com. I don't need this

Ryan: You sit there for five seconds looking for the x close button that doesn't exist.

Caroline: If anything, it makes me NEVER want to try Mentos gum.

Ryan: Mentos has a GUM?!

Caroline: And an annoying ad for it.

Ryan: Is the gum still capable of giving liter bottles of pop a ten foot orgasm?

Caroline: That was probably info in the ad, but I clicked it off.

Ryan: I'm glad I don't have to stick a Manpon applicator up my wang hole.

Caroline: Yeah you are.

Ryan: I think I speak for most men on that.

Caroline: I think you'd be an interesting choice as the "most men" spokesperson.

Ryan: If by "interesting" you mean, "perfect."

Caroline: Aren't those words interchangeable?

Ryan: Nope. "She has a perfect ass" sums it up.

Caroline: Butter face is interesting.

Ryan: "She has an interesting ass," leaves a lot of room for deliberation.

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