June 22, 2009

Book of Geodes

Ryan: In the future book you and I are going to co-author, one of the main characters is going to be "Cockleton Wangley."

He'll be a penis doctor researching the condition known as "Cock Blocking."

Caroline: He also holds seminars on how to be a loyal wingman.

Ryan: Ooh, another character! "Loyal Wingman!"

He's a pilot, natch.

Caroline: This book will write itself.

Ryan: Together, Cockleton Wangley and Loyal Wingman will race through the city of Rome, solving a centuries-old Biblical riddle.

Wait, wait! Another character: "Biblical Riddle!"

Caroline: I think I've heard of that story before ...

Can we get Ron Howard to direct the movie version?

Ryan: "Biblical Riddle" would be the perfect villain.

Caroline: They'd have to figure out what happens when splorter meets anti-splorter.

Ryan: His catchphrase before he kills someone: "I'm going to go all Biblical on your ass."

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