April 16, 2009

Sleep Humper Revisited

Ryan says: The baby is going with on vacation, correct?

Caroline says: As far as we know

Ryan says: Make sure the B-Man hasn't made other plans.

Caroline says: In our attempt to make sure we have everything for the trip, we neglected to check his sched'

Caroline says: I hope he's free

Ryan says: His sched' still mostly entails eating and pooping, so you should be safe.

Caroline says: Eating, pooping, crawling, sleeping on tummy.

Ryan says: I forgot sleeping.


Ryan says: I'm the Sleep Humper!

Caroline says: Dropped the ball there, you did.

Caroline says: One who humps the sleep.

Caroline says: The Sleep Humper sounds like a misguided super hero.

Ryan says:
You will hear nary a peep,
When I'm about to hump the sleep.

Caroline says: Hey, sleep. How YOU doin'?

Ryan says:
I will crawl, and I will creep,
In my quest to hump the sleep.

Ryan says:
And when the sleep, it has been humped,
The turd I'm formin' shall be dumped.

Caroline says: Or you could be like B and take a big pooper whilst sleeping.

Ryan says:
No sight is quite devoid of purdy,
As when I sit there, formin' turdy.

Ryan says:
If I should take a big pooper whilst sleeping,
Chances are the sheets aren't worth keeping.

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