April 01, 2009

Toilet Talk

Ryan says: You know, I'm just as tall as Ashton Kutcher.

Ryan says: Which should tell you how short all those other guys on "That 70s Show" actually are.

Autumn says: he could be 5'4" and still get more ass than a toliet seat

Ryan says: I really don't think anyone can actually get more ass than a toilet seat.

Autumn says: I bet he could

Ryan says: Because, quite frankly, a toilet seat is designed for getting ass.

Ryan says: It's the sole reason for a toilet seat to be.

Autumn says: well, I bet he gets more ass than a bear's toliet seat

Ryan says: And, really, if I was getting more ass than a toilet seat, I'm not sure that's the kind of thing I'd walk around bragging about.

Autumn says: I would

Ryan says: Not that's just silly. A bear's toilet seat is the "woods."

Autumn says: No, a bear doesn't have a toilet seat

Ryan says: Otherwise, we'd be saying things like "Does a bear shit in the toilet?"

Ryan says: No, a bear shits in the woods.

Autumn says: I got a post card from my brother, when he was in Alaska, of a bear sitting on a toilet

Ryan says: And post cards never lie.

Autumn says: so true!

Ryan says: It must have been a black bear. A grizzly could never fit on a toilet.

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