March 20, 2009

Geode Twins: Not Dead Yet!

Caroline says: So why do you get to work so early, Oh one who would hump sleep if he could?

Ryan says: A desire to look busy.

Caroline says: Right on

Ryan says: I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how one could physically hump sleep.

Caroline says: Time well spent, really.

Ryan says: Because once I figure that out, I'll be able to bottle that shit and make a fortune.

Caroline says: "Sleep Humper: The Fragrance"

Ryan says: "Honey, be sure to pick up a bottle of 'Hump Sleep.'"

Ryan says: Actually, I like "Sleep Humper" better.

Caroline says: That's what she said.

Ryan says: Won't be in copyright wars with "Hump Catting."

Caroline says: Wow. Hump Catting. Blast from the past.

Ryan says: Bear Blasting!

OBSCURITY POINTS: Readers earn 75 Obscurity Points for knowing where "hump catting" and "bear blasting" come from. You'll also be blessed with 400 babies!!!

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