March 08, 2009

Senior Pictures, Yo!


Ever since the movie "The Prophecy," I haven't been able to look at this picture the same way. It always reminds me of the way the angels "perched." At this point in my development, I had a permanent tooth in place, which remains to this day. However, my mouth hadn't stopped growing quite yet, so I had to have an extension glued onto the tooth back in 2002. For the most part, the photographer did a decent job of airbrushing my acne, which was pretty rampant at this point in 1992, what with me battling with the decision of whether to go with my family to Tokyo for my senior year.


You, too, can make millions of dollars each month using my amazing, unique, investment strategy! I call it the Rhodes Ponzi Scheme, and I've made $50 billion for myself and my clients!

Alternatively, you can think of this picture as a kind of "James Bond In The Crosshairs" sort of way. Regardless, I can still fit into that damned sport coat. Oh, and I still wear that exact same tie to work occasionally.


Check out the jeans. If you were any sort of perceived "cool" back in 1992, at least in Harmony, you either pinned or rolled your pants. Also, you wore anklet socks, which is something I still do to this day, although I do it now more for comfort than anything else. The pose was something the photographer relied on almost too much. The pictures shown here were the ones we decided on; there were dozens more rejected ones that featured the same pose.


Although I had graduated on up to contact lenses, my mother insisted I keep the "twin windshields of doom," and further insisted I wear them for at least a couple senior pictures. Why I needed to pose next to a step ladder is anybody's guess. What amazes me about these pictures is the lack of arm hair, and really body hair in general. Puberty really didn't finish up with me until I was 25 or 26, so these images are totally not representative of the hairy beast I am today. When somebody yanks your lower back/butt hair as a joke in jiu-jitsu, you know you may very well be the missing link between man and monkey.


And finally we have the creepy kid-toucher image. I was so sick and tired of wearing a sport coat and having my picture taken, I was reduced to weary insta-grins, which always look fake and creepy.

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That kid in the second picture had better be a millionaire with his self assured stance!

Posted by: Erik at March 10, 2009 12:12 AM
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